Friday, July 25, 2014

Road Rage Revgenge

In Gainsville, Florida, a man received a little bit of highway karma, after he was run over by his own pick-up truck after getting out of the truck in a road rage incident.

The 48-year-old was driving drunk and was apparently peeved at something another driver had done.  So he got out of his truck, walked over to the other vehicle, and started banging on the windows.  The frightened old lady drove off, leaving him to watch and curse as she make her escape.  Meanwhile, his pick-up truck, which he had forgot to put into 'park,' (or which I suspect was actually a transformer in disguise that had grown tired of his nonsense), was barreling down on him.  He was struck down and the vehicle rolled over him.

The man will be OK, though police have charged him with DUI.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eyeball Eating Bacteria: A Caution For Contact Lense Users

Here's a story that will make your eyes red: a college student in Taiwan was recently blinded after leaving her contact lenses in for about 6 months.  Flesh eating bacterial got under the lens and literally ate her eyeball.

This was a freak occurrence -- we hope none of our readers keep contacts in that long, but it also serves as a lesson in why it's important to store and maintain contact lenses in a sanitary way.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

SSRIs, Suicide, & Misinformation

Recently there was a study pushed through by the anti-depressant industry and widely covered by news media. The headlines claimed that there had been an increase of suicides ever since it was mandated that SSRI antidepressants come with a warning label about the risk for increased suicides, especially for teens and children.  This caused many people to rethink their medications, and advocates of  these medications warned that this exodus would increase depression, ultimately leading to more suicides.  Needles to say, people are confused.

This latest study is part of a miss-information campaign, and you have to read the fine print.  Even in the data of the study itself, THERE WAS NO INCREASE IN COMPLETED SUICIDES.  When the study failed to show what they wanted to find, they looked elsewhere and found an increase in "psychotropic drug poisoning," which they are creatively calling an increase in suicide attempts.  Ironically, antidepressants themselves are a type of psychotropic drug.

This study is bogus. Antidepressant drugs still raise suicide risks for teens and children, and the jury is still out on whether they do anything at all in the terms of treating depression.  SSRIs are a poor substitute for cognitive therapy and will not address the root of the problem.  Proceed cautiously if you are considering them for you child.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Three Parent Child

Scientists just announced that they may be technologically ready to start creating babies using 3 people as parents, in about two years.  Assuming the process can get legal approval.  The technique would be used to help certain parents with genetic defects or risk factors than children who are born normal.  The third set of DNA would provided working versions of the gene sequences that are defective in both of the natural parents.

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