Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your World In Review: Struggling Charities, No Kids Allowed, Gun Laws

BPA Exposure
A new study by Consumer Reports found that 1 serving of canned green beans or canned beef stew would give a child a dose of BPA close to the level that has been shown to cause harm in animal studies. BPA, or biphenyl-A, a plastic additive, is an endocrine disrupt or that mimics the hormone estrogen. You can read about it in our article: The BPA Debate.

No Kids Allowed
In an effort to keep the swine flu at bay, kids are being turned away by security at the doors of many hospitals. You might want to check on the policy of your hospital if you are planning on visiting a loved one.

Gun Laws
A recent Gallup survey on gun laws found that 44% of 1,013 adults surveyed in October of 2009 believe gun laws should be stricter. That's down from 62% in 2000 and 78% in 1990. Kind of surprising considering the recent publicity involving mass shootings.

Safe Outdoor Adventures
Outside magazine unveiled a new area of their site filled with stories and instructional videos that show you how to beat the odds in life threatening situations. Outdoor adventure junkies and their families might find it useful. Go to:

Struggling Charities
A survey of the nation’s 400 largest charities in the journal The Chronicle of Philanthropy says they expect giving to decline by a median of 9% this year. That's on top of the 2% drop last year, when charitable giving fell to $308 billion, the first decline since 1987. The tough economy is cited as the primary reason for the decline. Individuals account for about 75% of all charitable giving.

An Appetite for Human Flesh
A report in a recent Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences tested the carcasses of two notorious man-eating lions that attacked Kenyan laborers more than 100 years ago, once believed to have killed and devoured 135 people. The new research suggests that one Lion likely ate 11 humans and the other consumed 24 people during their final 9 months of life. Either way, it seems safe to say that African Lions can be dangerous and should probably be avoided. Just in case you didn't know.

A new study out from the-California Department of Public Health shows that the death rate for children under 18 who have been hospitalized with the HINI flu strain is 2%. This rate does not include those who may have contracted the virus but weren't hospitalized.

Druggie Day Care
Officials in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, say they found a meth lab inside a home day care center that was caring for 8 kids. Police discovered three currently inactive meth labs and chemicals, says Curtis Spiers with the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County. Four people were arrested.

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