Friday, March 26, 2010

News Briefs: Childhood in Germany; Chimp Rehab; Vitamin D

Saving Childhood in Germany
Kids in Berlin can play freely again, after the city government ruled that making noise is "an essential part of a child's development." Grumpy residents living near playgrounds and other kid friendly places had long complained that children make too much noise; even going so far as forcing some day care centers to close. The new ruling declares the noise of children falls into the same category as tolerable nuisances such as church bells or street cleaning vehicles. Berlin children must still observe quiet times at night and all day Sunday, however.

Chimp Rehab
A Chimpanzees at the Rostob Zoo in southern Russia made headlines recently, after he was sent to rehab for alcohol addiction. Zhora the chimp became hooked on both alcohol and cigarettes when visitors repeatedly gave the popular attraction the substances for their own amusement. "People laugh when they see an animal drinking and smoking," said one zoo staffer. "But viscous habits damage his health, and many do not understand this period."

Still not enough 'D'
A new study has suggested that most babies receive a daily supplement of vitamin D, after finding that only 5% to 37% of American infants meet the standard criteria for vitamin D intake set by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Vitamin D strengthens bones as well as the immune system, and also helps prevent other health problems. Infants can receive a daily dose via inexpensive drops. Consult your physician for further advice. To learn more about this subject, read our article: Vitamin D Deficiency in Children.

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