Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bouncy Houses Full of Lead

You know those inflatable bouncy houses for kids, a common staple at fairs, flea markets, and children's parties. Well it turns out that some of them contain dozens of times the amount of the federal legal limit of lead, according to a suit filed by California Attorney General, Jerry Brown. The manufactures have responded by down playing test results and recommending that children should wipe their hands and faces after jumping to get any lead off. It is also uncertain if, and how much, would actually make its way to the kids who use it.

So what is a parent to do? For lead conscious parents this could create quite a conundrum at a party. You can let kids play a potentially risk a brief period of mild to moderate lead exposure, or exclude your child from the fun and risk the rage that will follow. This is a safety issues that is more of a personal choice. While not ideal, such brief, isolated exposure is unlikely to matter in the long run. (Do have your child wash up afterward if you decide to through precaution to the wind.) Also, be sure to ask about any lead in the structure before renting one and ask for a test. Basic lead tests can be bought at most stores that sell baby or child proofing supplies.

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