Monday, February 7, 2011

Too Many Potty Accidents Gets Three-year-old Suspended from Preschool

We come across a lot of absurd cases of children getting in trouble at school for ridiculous things. But this next case is especially unique.

A three year old Virginia girl, Zoe Rosso, was recently suspended from preschool for the crime of peeing her pants one too many times. The child's mother, Betsy, was stunned when she received such news from the preschool's principle who added that "Zoe has had enough chances." Betsy thinks the school is being too strict, saying that potty training varies by child and that a three year old having accidents "is totally developmentally normal."

Having worked in the field before, I know what a pain accidents can be. It requires an extra staff member to get the child changed; it means often time hunting down spare clothes when parents forget; and there are even some government regulations that require children in certain classrooms to be potty trained. But c'mon, give the kid a break. Suspending the tot seems just plain silly, especially since there are things the teachers could be doing to assist in this process. Let us know what you think.


  1. This article is really suprising to me. I have a grandson who is nearly three, and he still has frequent accidents. Seems to me this school has forgotten that they are there for the children, not the other way around.

    Colorado Grandma

  2. I'm the mother of two, with my daughter in kindergarden, but still needing daycare in summers, and my son who is 3. He still has occasional accidents, and I can't imagin the strain it would put on our life if he were removed from his day-care/preschool.