Saturday, April 7, 2012

Teens "Dusting" to get High

More teenagers these days will do just about anything for a thrill. The latest trend for parents to watch for is something known as "dusting." It involves sucking in compressed air to get high, usually from a can of compressed air used to blow dust from electronics. (Hence the term dusting)

Breathing in the compressed air can produce a euphoria that is similar to what a teen might feel from playing the chocking game. In addition to unknown health risks, it can also lead to impairment. Police in Wichita Kansas have reported seeing crashed caused by teens dusting. They know of at least four crashes in which a driver caused an injury after taking a hit from a can of air.

So if you have a teenager or even a child in older elementary school, be on the lookout for signs of this latest fad.

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  1. oh teenagers today, parents should really have to look out over their children

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