Sunday, November 17, 2013

Girl Burned On Side

Tuesday, November 12th, while playing with her four-year-old sister, a two-year-old girl was burned as she slid down the slide in her fathers back yard. Authorities believe one of the girls poured gasoline on the slide to make it more slippery. Then a spark from static electricity ignited as the girl slid down. Now the girl is in critical condition in a medically induced coma at an Atlanta hospital. How many times as a child my sisters and I ran the water hose with a constant flow down the slide to do just what these girls thought they were doing. How sad they did not realize the danger they put themselves in. A lesson to parents, keep dangerous chemicals out of the reach of children. As they grow, teach them the dangers involved in things we commonly keep in our home. We all hope and pray nothing like this ever happens again.

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