Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids in Blenders

Here's a relatively common scenario that has played out in numerous kitchens across the country: You're doing something with the blender, perhaps pureeing food or making some ice cream shakes.  A curious child with long hair hops onto a stool to look over and see what's going on.  A scream or a yelp later, and suddenly your fruit smoothie has an extra ingredient and your daughter is bent over sideways above the blender.

The consequences of such mishaps usually aren't catastrophic, but it can take a good chunk of their hair out and leave your child with a temporary bald spot.  It also leaves you fishing out their tangled lock from the inner blade of the blender, which I hear is tons of fun.  So whenever you bust out the blender, warn kids of the danger, and have girls tie their hair back.  It's better safe than sorry.

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