Friday, February 21, 2014

Things That Happen When You Combine Kids & Superglue

1. Your child might glue their arm to their leg and their leg to their forehead.

2. They could put it in their eyes like eyedroops and glue their eyelids shut.

3. They may affix themselvews to the household pet.

4. They might try to taste it and place it on their tongue or lips, and end up gluing their mouth shut in the process. (You may have dreamed of such a moment a time or two before, but not like this.)

5. They may decide to share the fun with their sister and end up glued together in awkward ways.

All of these things have actually happened before, and as amusing as they may sound, the aftermath is not so much fun to deal with.  So let this be a friendly reminder to keep track of this menacing substance.

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