Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Four-Year-Old in Carjacked Car

Wednesday morning during the Denver rush-hour, a mother got a surprise when she stopped for coffee at her local Longmont corner store.  While she was inside, a carjacker jumped into her red SUV and took off; with her 4-year-old-son still strapped in the back seat.

The suspect then led police on an hour long chase. The carjacker was driving at high speeds, passing traffic recklessly, sometimes in the wrong lane facing oncoming traffic. Happily for the little boy, the thief ditched the red SUV with little Allan Chavarria-Rodriguez safe inside. The man then carjacked two additional vehicles and led the police across the city and ending near the town of Parker before crashing the last vehicle and fleeing on foot. He was caught and arrested.

This was a very scary morning for a little boy still in his pajamas on his way to day care.  Likely, since he is so young, the experience will do no lasting damage to him.  But there is an important lesson here.  Do not leave your kids alone in the car for any reason.  It is just not safe.

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