Saturday, April 19, 2014

Marijuana Induced Hallucinations Leads To Murder

A Colorado man using legal marijuana was arrested for killing his wife while she was on the phone with police.  The woman had called 15 minutes earlier to say that she believed her husband was hallucinating after eating marijuana candy.  She was shot in the head just before police arrived.

The police in this case are receiving flack for not prioritizing this call and responding sooner, since had they arrived just a little bit sooner this incident could have been prevented.  But it's also a case that illustrates that "soft" drugs like marijuana aren't as harmless as people think they are. 

He was on other medications at the time, and it is possible that the THC interacted poorly, but many people also hallucinate from, weed alone. The week before this incident, a college student ate more of a marijuana cookie than was recommended, began behaving erratically, and ended up jumping from a motel room balcony to his death.  Though not an advocated for prohibition (it never works and usually creates more problems than it solves) we also want to remind people that ALL drugs (even pot) create numerous family and social problems, and should never be considered as a safe "high."

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