Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A New Safety Hazard : Pot Candy

In  an earlier post we talked about the man who shot his wife to death after hallucinating after using marijuana candy. As the number of commercial food products containing marijuana explodes (everything from brownies, cookies, to individually wrapped candies) we are also facing the ever-increasing threat of accidental ingestion by children.

I can already hear somebody saying, "but I don't use marijuana, so this does not impact my kids."  It most certainly does.  Many parents don't own gun, yet every year their children are killed by them while playing at a friends house.  This is the same situation.  If the parents of any of your child's playmates use these products, they can easily wind up being brought to school, shared with friends, etc. Some of the more notorious cases involving pot poisoning of children have occurred during parties or when a group of friends sneak an after school snack.

Nor is this solely restricted to Colorado and Washington.  These products will inevitably make their way across state borders, affecting everyone.

Safety advocates are working on regulation to try and regulate the marijuana food and candy industry in order to reduce these accidental injections, which might helps some.  (It doesn't do anything for homemade items.)  In the meantime, it is something parents should keep a watchful eye for.

For more information on child poisoning visit our website.

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