Saturday, June 21, 2014

Crazy Cat Strikes Again

Lux  is a 22 pound house cat in Oregon that has been dubbed by authorities "most aggressive cat in the world."  Some are calling it evil.

After attacking a 7-month old baby, the cat then kept it's family and the family dog barricaded in a room, too scared to open the door, hissing at them when they tried to leave.  They had to call the police to come and rescue them.

Needless to say, following this episode the cats original family gave her up.  Now, after being adopted by a new family, it is once again being sent back to the shelter for it's violent behavior.  As a repeat offender, Lux has likely earned himself a death sentence and will be put to sleep.

Animals can be unpredictable.  Sometimes they save us, and other times they attack for some unknown reason.  We love them, but we need to remember they are not people.  Visit our website for more information about pets and kids.

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