Monday, October 6, 2014

White Babies, Black Babies, & Mix-ups At Sperm Banks

An Ohio woman who had requested the sperm of a white man is not suing the Chicago sperm bank that accidentally sent her the sperm of a black man instead. She apparently learned of the error back in 2012 when she was already five months pregnant with her daughter.

At first I was amused by this story, but then felt saddened. I keep thinking, why does it matter? I was hoping we were beyond the point of valuing children by their skin color.

The timing of the law suit is also striking. Why now? Granted, her daughter is approaching the terrible two's, which causes many a parent to wonder if their child comes with a return policy. Now doubt she has to answer inquisitive questions from curious onlookers. But what is this child going to think as she grows older and learns of the lawsuit? The implicit message is going to be this: "You apparently thought my not being entirely white was such a terrible development that you should be awarded a hefty settlement because of it."

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