Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Child Killing Cop To Face Third Trial

In Detroit, Michigan, Joseph Weekley may face a third trial in March for killing a young girl during a 2010 police raid after two previous trials ended with deadlocked juries.

Seven year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was essentially murdered as police executed a search warrant for a murder suspect.  Weekley entered the home and immediately fired 1 shot directly at the child who was sleeping on the couch, striking her in the neck and killing her.  The police department then lied and tried to make up a story about the grandmother charging at the officer, but because the raid was being followed by a camera crew for the television show The First 48, in this instance, their deceit was exposed.  The producer said the film footage blatantly contradicted the story that the Detroit police tried to make up.

The fact that they are having to try this case a third time is yet another example of the preferential treatment police receive from the US 'injustice' system whenever they do something wrong.  It's also telling that none of the dozens of officers initially involved and trying to cover up this murder has faced any serious repercussions.

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