Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kids Left In Car While Dad Keeps Court Date

A 38-year-old-man is facing child endangerment charges in Newton, Massachusetts, after police say he left his 3 children  inside a car on a cold January afternoon for more than an hour while he was in court.  The children were ages five, three, and 9 months.(USA Today 1/16/2015, p. 9A) According to the police, witnesses called in the report around 4pm.

While this was certainly a poor decision on the man's part, it’s also a perfect example of how society can create it’s own messes and can set people up to fail.  Low income parents are often faced with the prospect of getting arrested for not going to court and have no access to a child sitter or perhaps funds to pay one.  This causes them to do drastic things.  It’s unfortunate that we’ll now spend thousands more of time and  money condemning this man than it would have taken to offer him assistance.

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