Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Police Stalk Free Range Kids

Danielle & Sasha Meitiv, a free range parent who had previously made headlines when the came under CPS scrutiny for letting their two kids, ages 6 and 10, walk through the park alone are back in the news again.  Several weeks ago the state had ruled them responsible  for "unsubstaniated child neglect" in the original incident.  On Sunday afternoon Montongomery County Police found the kids at the park again and turned them over to CPS.  Apparently, when the police aren't busy engaging in target practice with unarmed black men, they have nothing better to do than stalk children in the park to make sure that free range parents aren't letting their youngsters have any fun independent of adult supervision.  After being held prisoner for 1/2 a day, the children were released to their parents at 10:30 pm that night.

We'll say it once again: by harassing and traumatizing children for doing what we all did just a couple of decades ago, the Montgomery County Human Services Department has shown themselves to be a group of sociopath child molesters who care nothing about the actual welfare of children. (Read our previous article on free range parenting, which discusses this case, and read our previous blog post in January.)

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